Guest Speaker

Clive Callendar, MD, FACS
LaSalle D. Leffall Jr. Professor, Chairman, Department of Surgery Director, Transplant Center Howard University Hospital


Frank Richards, MD
Associate Director of Surgery, Homer G. Phillips Hospital

Frank Richards, MD completed an internship and surgical residency at Homer G. Phillips Hospital. Subsequent to his postgraduate training in St. Louis, Dr. Richards spent two years as Chief of General Surgery at the 36th Tactical Reconnaissance Air Force Base Hospitals in Germany. He returned to St. Louis and served as supervisor of surgery at Homer G. Phillips Hospital for many years. He was the second African American appointed to the surgical faculty of the Washington University School of Medicine. Dr. Richards was also the first African American selected for membership in the St. Louis Surgical Society and the society’s first and only African American president.

1999 Lecture Photo Gallery

Photos by Dan Donovan Photography