Guest Speaker

Henry Hampton Jr.
Creator & Executive Producer of the Award-Winning PBS Series “Eyes on the Prize”


Henry Hampton Sr.
Medical Director, Homer G. Phillips Hospital

Dr. Hampton was a highly respected physician and surgeon, but he was also an African-American who played an outstanding role in the civic life of the St. Louis region. He was the first medical director of City Hospital Number 2 (1935-1937), serving until the Homer G. Phillips Hospital was established. He then served as the first medical director at the Homer G. Phillips Hospital from 1937 to 1941. In 1949, he became a member of the board of freeholders which wrote the present county charter, and in 1952, he played a similar role in the creation of the Metropolitan Sewer District. His son, Henry Hampton Jr, was quite influenced by his father’s role in providing health resources for the African American community. Henry Jr. made a similar commitment to social justice by becoming an award-winning filmmaker, whose documentary Eyes on the Prize, chronicling the Civil Rights movement, won Emmy and Peabody Awards and was nominated for an Oscar.

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