Our goal is to help Washington University School of Medicine alumni connect with each other, as well as with our medical students.

Washington University Commencement was held at Francis Field on the Danforth campus, on May 13, 2024. MATT MILLER/WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE

Alumni events

Each year, scholarship donors and recipients celebrate medical education at the Washington University School of Medicine Scholarship Dinner.

Medical Center Alumni Association welcomes new leader

When Ericka V. Hayes, MD ’98, came to Washington University as an undergraduate, she felt as though she had finally found a community of like-minded people. That sense of belonging continued when she entered Washington University School of Medicine, where a close-knit cohort of classmates and outstanding mentorship from attendings and residents were catalysts for her success.

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Please feel free to contact the Office of Diversity Programs at medschooldiversity@wusm.wustl.edu.  We’d love to hear from you.