Events / 2015 Diversity Retreat and Team Building Leadership Course

2015 Diversity Retreat and Team Building Leadership Course


The Friday evening Diversity Retreat gives first year medical students the opportunity to learn about different patient populations that they will serve and to explore ways to communicate in cross-cultural situations through small group discussions and interactive exercises. The Diversity Retreat is part of the core curriculum for first year medical students. Saturday’s all day Team Building Leadership course offers activities that facilitate individual growth while promoting a team-oriented approach to problem-solving.  It’s a fun way to challenge yourself while getting to know your classmates.

From a 2014 retreat participant:

“I learned a great deal about socioeconomic stratification. From the case studies my observations and guess of the underlying themes led me to wonder if many of the patients who posed challenges during treatment also suffered from poverty. When you’re worried about putting food on the table or going to jail, I imagine health becomes less of a concern.  When one enters life on the bottom rung, it’s remarkably difficult to climb up. Thank you so much for putting on an educational and insightful event.”