Diversity Week

Diversity Week is a lunchtime lecture series that explores multiculturalism and effective health care delivery in the St. Louis community.

Medical students select the guest speakers and organize the week’s activities, which include student panel discussions and a multi-ethnic dinner.

2018 schedule

Monday, February 26

  • Lunch talk: Political and Ideological Diversity and the Politics of Healthcare Reform

Tuesday, February 27

  • Lunch talk: Refugees in St. Louis: Implications for Medical Providers
  • SNMA/Arts Commission Winter Coffeehouse

Wednesday, February 28

  • Lunch talk: Click the Line

Thursday, March 1

  • Lunch talk: Rural Healthcare
  • Dinner: Multicultural Potluck

Friday, March 2

  • Lunch talk: Kanye and the Intersection of Race, Mental Health and Sexuality
  • Dinner: Shabbat Dinner

Sunday, March 4

  • Dinner: Dean Ross’s home