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Yale School of Medicine

Deadline: May 1, 2022

Yale School of Medicine recognizes and values the contributions made by those of diverse backgrounds to the field of medicine. The Yale Urology Sub-Internship Scholarship is available to all who meet the eligibility criteria below. We strongly encourage those with backgrounds that are under-represented in medicine to apply. For the academic year 2022, scholarships in the amount of $1,500 are available and will help to off-set the cost of visiting student application fees, travel, and lodging.


  • Visiting students must be a qualified 3rd or 4th year medical student
  • Students must have completed all core clinical clerkships before beginning the clinical
  • Must be in good academic standing at a U.S. LCME accredited allopathic institution or
    participating COCA accredited AACOM member listed in VSAS
  • US citizens attending international medical schools are not eligible for visiting clinical
    electives at Yale
  • International students will be asked to complete an essay and provide additional letters
    of recommendation to be eligible

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