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Allegheny Health Network – Dr. George J. Magovern, Sr. Underrepresented Minority (URiM) Clerkship

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Allegheny Health Network (AHN) is creating a national model for the recruitment of underrepresented minority medical students to ensure the diversity of future generations of health care leaders. We pledge to meet the needs of the underserved and underrepresented ethnic communities with the strongly held belief that a diverse clinical workforce is necessary to achieve health equity.

The AHN Clerkship hosts 4 minority medical students (US citizens only) annually, offering them hands-on exposure to career opportunities in our academic medical center. As an integral part of the residency recruitment initiative, this program is focused on the inclusion of a diverse generation of future health care leaders. Clerkships are offered for a maximum of 4-weeks, available July through October only. Block times may be flexible if necessary.


Benefits of the AHN Clerkship include:

  • The clerkship will expose minority medical students to the many career opportunities available in academic medical centers and foster an environment in which underrepresented ethnic minorities excel.
  • Clerkship acknowledges that minority physicians are underrepresented nationally, both in the practicing medical community and in the full-time academic medical community.
  • Clerkship joins the Highmark Foundation, the National Medical Fellowships Inc., the National Institutes of Health, and the Commonwealth Fund in their efforts to address this situation.
  • Academic medical centers in urban settings provide the ideal culturally and ethnically diverse environment for minority residents to receive training.
  • AHN is committed to developing a dynamic, thriving and diverse team of physicians, nurses, health care professionals and management staff that more fully represents the medical community and the population it serves.

Features of the AHN Clerkship include:

  • Each clerk will be supported with a $2,500 for living expenses.
  • Each clerk will be assigned a community, research and clinical mentor.
  • Participants will receive a tour of the local area.

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